1. Establish relationships among European Roma and non Roma populations
  2. Improve the educational level and consequently life condition of the Roma
  3. Human Rights Education and Campaigning to break and change the negative stereotypes about the Romani people
  4. Promote the value of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue as a tool to fight against social exclusion and marginalisation faced young Roma
  5. Address measures to promote and boost Roma students’ development as an entry point for fostering the sustained social inclusion of Roma students in the participating nations
  6. Provide positive solutions to the specific requirements of the Roma population to promote their access to the educational systems and therefore their inclusion and integration in society
  7. Transmit and raise the consciousness of the Roma families in relation to the importance of education as fundamental tool to achieve a better integration into societies
  8. Orientate the teaching staff on the subject matter of intercultural education in order to be able to, in this way, empathize and develop more profitable methods of educational and training intervention addressed to prevent Roma exclusion and drop out from school education
  9. Approach regional governments and NGOs to Roma educational issue
  10. Involve together Roma students and parents, regional and local authorities, stakeholders and NGOs
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